Rails Girls Continue to Program

The official "How to continue programming" guide by Rails Girls.

Rails Girls TLV Guides

Continue the rest of our guides from the website - and make your website even greater!

She codes

She codes is a cool project that lets women code together. We encourage you to attend their meetings - they have branches all over the country.


Free online course for web programming.

Rails Tutorial

Free online tutorial, a bit long but really teaches you everything you need to know and in the end you build a cool web app.

Code School

Very good courses on many topics. Some of them are free and some not. You can try the free Rails for Zombies course.


An Israeli website - targeted mostly at designers - that teaches web development in various programming languages.

500Tech Course

Ruby on Rails course from 500Tech company.

General Assemb

A website that teaches you Javascript, CSS and HTML while building projects in the browser.