Create a Rails app

Now you want to create a new app called railsgirls by running:

rails new railsgirls -m

rails new railsgirls tells Rails to generate a project called railsgirls with all the files that our application needs.

-m tells Rails to download a special template from which makes the files a bit simpler and easier for beginners to understand.

It will take a minute or so, and after that you’ll see something like this:

This will create a new app in the folder railsgirls, so we again want to change the directory to be inside of our rails app by running:

cd railsgirls

If you run dirls inside of the directory you should see folders such as app and config. The rails new command automatically created all these folders and files for us.

Coach: Explain what each command does. What was generated? What does the server do? You can find more details about the special template on GitHub.