Run the Rails server

The Rails server is responsible for reading the contents of the files in our railsgirls folder and creating an app out of it. Let’s start the Rails server to see the website that we’ve just created. You can then start the rails server by running:

rails server

Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser. You should see “Welcome aboard” page, which means that the generation of your new app worked correctly:

Notice that the command prompt is no longer visible in the terminal window because you are now running the Rails server. Normally the command prompt looks something like this:

bash:~ projects/railsgirls$

When the command prompt is not visible you cannot execute new commands. If you try running cd or another command it will not work. To return to the normal command prompt:

Hit CTRL-C in the terminal to quit the server.

Notice that after you quit the server, if you try to refresh the browser, it will not work. This is because the Rails server is responsible for creating the actual app.