Originally created by Vesa Vänskä, @vesan

Hi! :-)

Now that you've played with the Try Ruby tutorial a little bit, prepared your laptop by installing the relevant software and watched an introductory lecture about web development, you are more than ready to start coding! :-) We're going to build a Rails app from scratch together. Before we start, let's review the final result of what we'll build today.

The main page

The main page of our application is a table showing a list of ideas. Each idea has a picture, a name and a description. Each idea also has links named "Show", "Edit" and "Destroy". Below the table there's a "New Idea" link.

The idea page

The “Show” link of each idea leads to the idea page. This is how it looks:

The edit idea page

The “Edit” link of each idea leads to a page that allows you to edit the details of an existing idea.

The create idea page

We’ll also need a page that will allow us to create a new idea and add it to the table in the main page.

Hit the continue button and get to know the tools we’ll use.